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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Chaos Mortals Roll Call

When this project first came to mind the idea was that I would focus on one army each calendar month. Each month I would paint all my unpainted figures for that army, buy and paint a unit or two to fill notable gaps, build and paint an item of themed scenery for that army and play at least a couple of games.

This is so not going to happen. Work commitments are heavier than ever (I teach) and I have other wargames irons in the fire including Warmachine and historicals. I've also realised that I have several thousand points of unpainted figures for some of my armies; more than I can manage in a month!

So the new plan is to still focus on one army each month but be a little less ambitious. I'll re-base all painted figures to my current system/standard, buy/paint a unit or two and build/paint some themed scenery if I don't already have some for that army. The priority will be to get a well balanced, fully painted and based 2000 point army on the table as soon as possible in the month to get the games in. It's all pointless if the games aren't happening.

Chaos Mortals were a good choice to kick things off. January is nearly gone and my Chaos is in a better state than most of my other armies. Here's a group shot of all my painted Chaos Mortal figures.

All of the above need re-basing to my Mk III standard. Some of them go right back to Mk I. A few of the Knights are chipped and a horse tail needs re-attaching. I'll follow the order Lords/Heroes, Core, Special, Rare and post pictures on the Chaos Mortal page (link above) as I go. After that there's some choice with regards to what new units I might paint.

I knew I had another Hell Cannon tucked away but had forgotten I had a bag of Chaos Warrior bitz in the cupboard. Adding these to the bitz I've got on old sprues I reckon I'm good for 30+ Warriors, so two units of 15/16 then? I also found a few Champion types and four Sorcerors; plenty to choose from. I'm thinking my first Khorne and Tzeentch units maybe, with matching Champions.

Scenery? A Chaos Warp Gate should fit the bill. Rather lazily I won't be starting from scratch and will be using one of these as a base.

More soon...


  1. Ah, brings back some good memories! Belch Colonsucker FTW :-)!
    Are you planning to stick to 2000 points for most "pick up" games? I found an old list tucked inside my 6th Ed Wood Elf book and its seem we were playing 2250! most of the time (throwback from our brief tournament sortie?)

  2. Sean thinks we hit 2250 points in 7th. I'm not so sure. It was definitely due to tournaments. The same WE book was in use all through 7th and into 8th so the list could be from 6th or 7th.

    Belch Colonsucker will be the first picture posted on my Chaos Mortals page...