The Armies - Under construction...

Chaos Mortals

Lords and Heroes

Belch Colonsucker, Chaos Lord of Nurgle.

Lord of Chaos Undivided.

Archaon, aka Grimgor's bitch.

Chaos Lord on Manticore. A classic figure. 

Chaos Sorceror of Slaanesh.

Chaos Sorceror of Tzeentch. 

Chaos Sorceror of Nurgle. 

Battle Standard Bearer; could do with a standard on the pole...  

Crom the Conqueror. 

Battle Standard Bearer of Nurgle. 

Chaos Sorceror. 

Exalted/Aspiring Champion of Nurgle. 

Chaos Sorceror of Nurgle. 

Aspiring Champion. Future BSB project.


Chaos Warhounds #1 - I bought these painted. 

 Chaos Warhounds #2 - Not my work either.

 20 Warriors of Chaos Undivided with Halberd.

20 Warriors of Nurgle with H/weapon and Shield.

 20 Marauders with H/weapon and Shield #1.

 20 Marauders with H/weapon and Shield #2.

20 Marauders with G/weapons.

20 Marauders with Flails.

 5 Knights of Chaos Undivided

 6 Chaos Knights of Nurgle

 5 more Knights of Nurgle

 Chaos Chariot of Nurgle

6 Marauder Horse with Throwing Axes

6 Marauder Horse with Spears


I think all the Specials are Beasts or Daemons which'll have their own pages...


Hell Cannon

 Chaos Spawn of Nurgle.

Chaos Spawn of Chaos Undivided.


  1. Good choice to start with. Chaos Mortals are a nice solid army. I will most likely be going Wood Elves for my first army, although if I can drop on a Tomb Kings book then it could be them.

  2. I've already bought a few extras for my WE's and will likely pick up some old style Glade Riders soon.

  3. Looks good so far, nice to see all the different powers represented. I may yet change my mind about my starting army. I found the get you by Dogs of War list the Mr Alessio did for White Dwarf, and seem to recalled that although it was generally considered under powered that you could still get a decent army out of it. Give me the chance to finally field all those Regiments of Renown that I have never used!